Is it Mandatory for me to register my boat to be in the parade?

Yes, your boat needs to be registered to be part of the parade. The Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol will be in charge of boat traffic and safety during the Parade. Vessels not officially in the Parade requiring transit through the Marina during the Parade will require a Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol escort. Registration will start on October 15th. Please register your boat online.

How can I enter my boat?

Great! You can register online, download the form or come to the Parade Skippers Meeting on Dec. 10th at 9 am at Burton Chace Park. There will be a entry fee. • Family or Individual ———— $25.00 • Yacht Clubs / Office Parties —- $50.00 • Organizations: Boating, Civic, Service, Non-Profit — $50.00 • Corporate / Company Vessels – $2 / ft / length • Commercial / Charter Vessels – $2 …